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So I came downstairs and there was a package on the table and I was expecting it to be my copy of Casual Vacancy that I ordered a hundred years ago. But then I moved the pile of junk that was on top of it and the envelope said PENGUIN TEEN and I hadn’t requested anything so I didn’t know what it was. And I may have freaked a little on the inside and yelled about getting a book.

I opened it and it was a nice, hardback copy of Will Hill’s Department 19: Battle Lines. I think this is the third book in the series? I’m not sure. But if ever there was a reason for me to continue with it, this is it :)

There was also a bookmark for Frozen with a little snippet about the book and it sounds awesome so I might have to pick that up, too.

It’s really awesome of them to send it and it was exciting while opening it haha. I’ve never gotten anything like that without asking for it, so it was extra fun. Not that asking and getting isn’t cool too, but yeah.

So thanks so much to Penguin Teen and Will Hill for sending this to me!

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